QUANTITY and QUALITY verification for Sellers, Buyers, Brokers, Carriers, Insurance Companies etc for

Vegetable oil products in bulk or packed

Grains and feedstuffs in bulk, fertilisers in bulk or bags

Petroleum – crude, products, gas and lubes

Rubber, latex and other commodities/ products in bulk or packed

We also carry out survey on contamination, damage investigation, claims and recovery.

Quantity and quality of dry bulk cargo loading or discharging.


We also carry out verification of general/bulk cargo in containers and DG cargo CPC (Container Packing Certificate), container inspections etc.

ISOtank containers – inspection of empty tanks, quantity and quality of cargo loaded.

General/bulk cargo in containers.

Dangerous Cargo (Container Packing Certificate)


Provides the services for Ship Owners / Charterers / Insurance Companies / Agencies / Freight Forwarders/ P&I Clubs.

Risk/Loss Control & Damaged Claim Assessment.

Frozen Cargo & Perishable Goods

CARGO AUDITS on general cargoes especially steel products for verification of damages for preloading condition and Mate’s Receipt remarks for vessel’s owners/Charterers, and discharge condition surveys/outturn surveys for Vessel’s owners, P&I Clubs, Charterers, Insurance Companies, Sellers and Buyers

SURVEILLANCE of HEAVY LIFT AND OVERSIZED cargoes for loading, discharging and overland transit inclu-sive of approval of lifting, stowing, lashing/securing on vessels, barges and overland transit conveyances including multi-axle trailers for Insurance Companies.

TOWING SURVEY and TIE DOWN INSPECTIONS of barges, flat rack containers for Sellers, Buyers, Owners, Charterers, Insurance Companies, Shipping Agents and Freight Forwarders.


ON/OFF Hire (delivery/redelivery), SUITABILITY, GENERAL CONDITION SURVEYS, BUNKER QUANTITY SURVEYS (BQS), REMAINING ON BOARD (ROB) of vessels, barges for Charterers or Owners.


DRAFT SURVEYS for cargo loaded or discharged from vessels or barges for Sellers, Buyers, Owners, Charterers or P&I Clubs.


STOCK MANAGEMENT, WAREHOUSE and LOGISTIC MONITORING AND SHIPMENTS on bulk dry cargoes, bulk liquid cargoes and general cargoes for Financial Institutions (Collateral Management Account services.) GENERAL SERVICES for the marine, off shore and insurance industries. Our scope of services is not restricted to the above. Enquiries are welcome on any aspects for which we could offer an internationally acceptable standard of inspection or survey.

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